Smooth sales-patter from Union Square's Gentleman Peeler


This guy was such a legend. I bought one, of course. Really shows how important presentation is.

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I bought one of these when it was half the price. Not a bad peeler. The peels are a bit thick, but it will peel ANYTHING. The OXO good grips peeler peels a finer slice, wasting less of your veg. But these cheap street peelers are, overall, better.

Now I REALLY want one of these!

Question for Brits: Does his accent sound classy to you? For us Americans, you put a guy in a suit and make him talk Britishy and we think, “That fellow is a true gentleman.” I’m curious whether this is one of those accents, though, that is not actually classy sounding if you are also British.

You have already featured the same video five years ago.
Took me 3 seconds to find it.

i miss that guy.

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And here’s the italian one.
The peeler salesman, ancient job:

Wow. Guys like this remind me that ‘salesman’ can legitimately be considered a calling.

As an Aussie, I feel half-qualified to venture a response…

Sounds like upper-lower / lower-middle class, but speaking proper, as it were.

I have NFI what region; you’d need a Pom for that.

No he does not sound classy. He sounds Northern (and not particularly Mancunian) to someone from London. Not upper class, not lower class. Somewhere in between.

Class is a complex thing in the UK. In addition to the accent, the words and the type of suit, waistcoat and shoes are important in how someone would be perceived.

But yet, re-posting it takes nothing away from it’s awesomeness.


The Zena Star peeler can be had for a mere $4.20 here:

I live two blocks from Union Square and he was a fixture at the farmers market for so many years. I hadn’t realized how much I missed him till I saw this.

As a fellow Brit, I’d say his accent is not particularly regional and definitely not upper class. As someone else said, class in the UK is so frikkin complex. Having grown up north of Manchester I wouldn’t have placed his accent there - it’s generically “northern” english with some touches of US in it.

A lovely, charming man - he took so much pride in his honest work.

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Peel potatoes? Really? Does anyone still do that?

I do. How else do you get latkes?

Try grating them with the peels still on. I bet you won’t even notice the difference.

Can’t. Tradition.

Tell 'em you’re keeping the peels on, 'cuz you’re cheap.

/No, that’s not racist!

Some things are the way they are because that’s just always the way it has been. And it’s not like it’s poorly spent family time.

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