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This is a great bundle for the discount on Data Rescue 4. Data rescue has been a really important program for me because I’ve had way too many hard drive crashes. And sometimes data rescue gets files but I just can’t recover any other way. It’s not perfect but it’s very useful. The discount is important because the upgrade from data rescue 3 is effectively a massive a downgrade and reduction in value. It went from a normal, unlimited use license to a highly crippled five attempted recoveries license.

From a dissatisfied Amazon reviewer:

[Quote]“ByWeskerson February 21, 2016
Verified Purchase
I purchased this item in hopes that I can recover data from a Compact Flash Card that was accidentally Formatted. After spending an hour on my cards with no luck, this product did the unthinkable! After just one hour of failed recovery attempts this software wanted me to upgrade and purchase more recovery attempts, keep in mind I just purchased this item for $100! Serial number and everything!”[/quote]

Great program (4.5 stars on Amazon). Crap license. Good discount at Boing Boing Store.

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