Snake head found inside can of green beans

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Actually the snake as a symbol can also represent Jesus dying on the cross. In fact, the red crosses symbol means exactly this.Just fyi.

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Alas, poor snake. Just trying to help the farmer by eating a few mice in the bean field, and then the harvester comes along and chops off its head.


aww poor little garter snake.


What are they complaining about. That’s very fancy for a can of green beans.

And they can’t complain that it’s not cut either.


“There should have been 2 heads, a tail and some guts! What kind of operation are you running here?!”
-The CEO of the canned veggie company.

Do not eat tin canned food, it’s poisoned Americans. Glass jars are safer and reuseable!

No, if everyone did that people could see these bonuses that are inserted and no one would want the jars without any.


Point, set, match, Sir!


you should also note it was in Utah and the manufacturer of the snake head can was Western Family.

Well she should have known there was a bonus, she bought the ‘Fancy’ version.

Really, not any different than your average can of pork-n-beans…
Both feature a strip of striped meat.


Soylent tin canned food is poisoned Americans! It’s poisoned Americans!


Right, plus extra protein! People should quit their squawking!


Not so loud, sir. Everybody will want one.


a snake is a symbol of the devil.

This is based on a misconception. The snake in the Garden of Eden wasn’t Satan. In Revelations, Satan was called a serpent, but that doesn’t mean he was the Eden serpent. Snakes are used as a generic denigration in the Bible (for example, Matthew 23:33 says the scribes and Pharisees are serpents).

I don’t think there is any proof of this. There aren’t any original sources saying why the Red Cross symbol was picked. The popular idea is that it was the inverse of the Swiss flag.

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Actually, the snake as symbol can also represent Ted Cruz. Is anyone sure that we didn’t find Ted’s head in that can of beans? Because if his head is gone, that means the lizard people are winning.

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