Snapchat's parent company files for $3 Billion U.S. IPO


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Worth every penny, apparently.


Just in time for the next bubble to pop & that $3B ipo will disappear in a snap.


"net loss of $515 million in 2016, on revenue of $404"
Here’s a company that spends 900 million dollars a year on…?


I guess they have 1,859 employees, which seems like a lot for what they offer. I’m curious how many of them are developing the app.

I am surprised social networking ipo’s are still valued so high. They seem lose momentum extremely fast, and it’s pretty much downhill from there.


Signs I’m getting old: I barely get Instagram. Not on Twitter. I don’t get Snapchat at all.

I mean, Jesus, what will be next?


Tax avoidance?

Snip Blip; its so new, even the cool kids aren’t using it yet. It combines a Twitter style architecture with a permanently active key logger.


How they hell do they even make money? Isn’t the whole idea that you take a picture and then it disappears forever? What kind of business model is that?


It will make your post-apocalyptic-nuclear-winter-face look something like it did way back in 2016…

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