SNL finally gives Black Widow her own solo film in this rom com parody


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The only way I can get to “seven movies starring guys named Chris” is by including the two Avengers movies, which also star a woman named Scarlett. I feel like the argument that women are under-represented in these movies could be made without such hyperbole.

Marvel actually did one movie based on a female character: Elektra, starring Jennifer Garner. It was considered a flop since it cost about $43 million to make, and only grossed just under $25 million. I really like the movie personally and would love if Marvel did more movies based on women protagonists. It’s not like they don’t have any interesting women characters in the comic books – just in the X-Men category alone there are plenty of stories and characters to choose from.

Oh boy. Here we go.

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I don’t think it has to be a big gender bias throwdown. I agree with the sentiment of the argument, but I think that the manner it which it has been presented distracts from the point. Counting out the Avengers films as ensemble movies and focusing on the single-hero films, a more effective argument could have been made (five movies starring guys named Chris, etc.).

Uhhh yeah… came in just to say that.

Although I wasn’t a fan of the movie, but have been a big Miller/Elektra fan since her arrival (and death) in Daredevil, then her own Elektra Saga and Elektra: Assassin series. Shame what they did with such a great character in that “meh” of a film.

Personally I liked Elektra as well, but ended up seeing it on Netflix so there wasn’t much profit from me.

I realize the whole SNL thing is parody/satire, but it doesn’t ring that far from how a lot of the female superhero movies have been done. The first set of X-Men movies didn’t do any justice to the female characters, except maybe Mystique. Compare that to the 90’s X-Men cartoon, where Storm and Jean Gray are possible the strongest characters on the show. It’s not about making the women more “manly”, it’s about making the portrayal of the female characters stronger - more conviction, more strength to their ideals. I don’t know if it was intentional with Elektra or not, but to me it showcases how to do it wrong. The fighting and action was great, but I always felt they injected this female weakness simply because she was a female. Seeing a female superhero as a woman is perfectly fine, but seeing her as “weak” simply because she is a woman is bullshit.

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I don’t think that “7 movies” was counting anything outside the Marvel Cinematic Universe. These are the ones actually produced independently by Marvel Studios directly, as opposed to the ones farmed out to other studios previously.

Also, screw you NBC:

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