SNL writer replies to Trump tweets as if they're personal texts and it's hysterical


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didn’t find those particularly funny - got any more?


Any good covfefe?


Yes I believe there are literally dozens of other people you might find entertaining.


just getting on a plane here - send me some links? - ping you from EWR


Here you go:


I know that he retweets stuff, especially neo-nazi shit. And I know that he has blocked citizens from his official feed. But is there any indication that Trump actually reads the replies to his tweets? Has he ever engaged in a conversation on Twitter, or is he just screaming into the Twitter void and presuming (correctly) that the world is hanging on every word that dribbles out of his tiny little fingertips?



That last one is hilarious



He probably gets too many responses to any reasonable fraction of them. Plus, that would be reading, which he doesn’t seem to like. His version of a Twitter fight is him tweeting someone, it being talked about on a live TV show, then him tweeting in response to what they are talking about on TV.

He’s basically Zaphod Beeblebrox in the Total Perspective Vortex.


That is hysterical.

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