Snooker champ plays VR snooker, falls over because it feels so real

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This is an old problem for VR. You need to place physical objects in the room that the VR can interact with.

I love the way Ronnie gives them free expert consultancy as to how a virtual snooker/pool cue should be held.

For any US readers who are not familiar with Ronnie he is possibly one of the most skillful and entertainingly successful snooker players of recent times, who fell out of love with the game, had a few ‘personal problems’ after winning many championships and then came back with an “I don’t care, I play for fun” attitude and continued to entertain and win.


Ronnie is… Ronnie. There is no one quite like him.
If you get to watch him on a really good day, it’s something out of this world.

Also, arguably a pro like him always plays in some sort of VR in as much as he has the whole table and the balls and their exact positions in his head. And plays each shot through in his mind before actually performing it. Including several possible permutations.

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Thinking about it some more, they need to put motion sensors in a proper cue, and bluetooth that to the VR system and let the user place a hand on a firm surface to use it. A potential practice system for those of us unable to fit a full size snooker table in our houses.

(ETA if anyone wants to know just how good Ronnie is then watch the first three videos here )

In 10 years, they’re all going to laugh at us for thinking that VR looked real enough to forget there wasn’t actually a table there.

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