The evolution of snooker video games

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Ugh, I spent so much time in university playing FooBillard with my buddy… sitting in the dorm, while the next pool hall was probably within walking distance. But Snooker IRL is like super hard, man! (And we are huge nerds.) And FooBillard’s snooker mode wasn’t even good - no safeties, no fouls, no TOUCHING BALL. Still, great fun!

I like how the video basically treats the entire history of Snooker games since the 90s as an exercise in how close they got to replicating Jimmy White’s ‘Whirlwind’ Snooker.

The preference for the C64 reminds me of when I bought an 8 bit Sega with Monopoly way back in '04.

My friends and I were in our 20’s. So a few of them would come by, and we’d play it on Sega.

A bit later, we got an updated version we could play online with PC. It was beautiful. But we didn’t play it hardly at all.

Did someone say snooker?


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