Snoop Dogg proudly introduces "Snoop Loopz" breakfast cereal

Originally published at: Snoop Dogg proudly introduces "Snoop Loopz" breakfast cereal | Boing Boing


So this is an inedibly sugar-encrusted edible product that contains no actual Snoop-type edibles?


“Snoop Loupz” , surely ?

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Fer shizzle!


Oh fun, it has a word search on the back! Introduce your children to lofty ideals such as perseverance… sacrifice… unity… snoop…


An SD version of Froot Loops? This pic should be on the package art:


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I’m confused, the box clearly states MORE MARSHMALLOWS but all the images of the actual cereal are bereft of marshmallows in any form. Would marshmallows even taste good when included in a Froot Loops type cereal?

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Kelloggs is cool with this? Surely they own the rights to loops-based cereals. I expect they could easily make a trademark claim.

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I would be very very surprised if Snoop’s lawyers didn’t think of this. My opinion: either they’ve checked and it’s cool, or the very public cease-and-desist coverage will more than pay for itself in free marketing.

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I still find the cuddlification of this purveyor of woman-hating lyrics amazing and disquieting.

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