Snoop Dogg sues Pabst

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And may get sued in return for something completely unrelated

From this photo I wonder if he will come out with his own brand of marijuana like Willie Nelson?

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There is no way that will not happen.


I like it when these deals come out. All of those “spontaneous, from the heart” product references have their price tags exposed. People need to know that their entertainment and their culture are used this way.


I was thinking the same thing. The few times I happen to see a NASCAR post-race interview, the product mentions always make me a little crazy:
“Well, I’d just like to thank Dr. Zogg’s for their help and support, their whole team really contributed to make this race the best one ever…” Gross.
And Snoop, why on earth didn’t you create a song with a hook or chorus about Blart Cola or whatever–have it mentioned fifty or eighty times in one song and then play that song at least once per public appearance…and Profit!

These things are always reported as if it’s one hapless guy against the corporate juggernaut. In fact, Snoop has quite a lot of money, and probably has some very able lawyers, and didn’t just do this on a whim.

Just for fun, turn this around: Major Record Label Sues Plucky Entrepreneur

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You can call your beer “Fizzle o’ Beschizzle.”


I came up with “Beschizza’s Dandelion and Burdock” but that might be painting into a corner a bit.


Beschizzle, mah nizzle.


Brought to you by Carls Jr.

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I would drink that. All day. Twice, if it was high enough proof.

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This is some kind of corollary to that discussion about morality and loan/contract default. If you make a deal with someone, just because the other party didn’t hold your feet to the fire doesn’t relieve you of your obligation. Like, if they don’t call, you tell yourself that if you don’t call them somehow that makes any obligation go away. Bull.

It’s a little different in NASCAR. The winning driver is saying “Thanks for paying for these cars and trailers and our salaries, Dr. Zogg’s, your loose pursestrings enabled us to win this race.” The racing teams aren’t just grabbing for secondary sources of income like a stadium owner selling billboard placement, they wouldn’t exist at all without a Dr. Zogg’s.

Not to be confused with ZOG.

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Well, I was thinking more of Irwin Mainway, Bag O’ Glass proprietor…and yes, I agree with your thought even though product placement most always chafes.

Truly, think of the lost opportunities for sporting heroes to speak their own minds.

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Sports are the new bread and circus, and nothing indicates it so strongly to me as the post-game interview where the athletes say absolutely nothing of value and essentially repeat one of a few stock phrases that tend to correlate with the ego of said athlete.
“We really just pulled together as a team and came out to get a win. Our fans are the greatest and we couldn’t do it without them. We’ve put in a lot of hard work to get ourselves here and blah blah blahdy blah.” The Charlie Brown teacher-speak always comes to mind if I happen to catch such interviews.

As for Snoop/Pabst, the boatloads of cash these companies hand out so easily always surprises me. “Kids, the Mainway Bag O’ Glass is what I give to everyone at the afterparty, and you should too!” BING! That’s $10k per namedrop, just like that. Granted, Capitalism! But still, amazing.

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