Snuglet - prevent accidental power cable disconnects





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Yeah, it’s a first world problem, but the difference between the original mag-plug and the lower profile one is huge. I backed their kickstarter and it works as advertised.

I just wish they’d come up with something similar for the Thunderbolt cable. I’ve got an expansion dock at the other end of mine and if I slightly shift my laptop or sometimes even look at it wrong and 4 disk drives, a scanner, a 3-D printer, my internet connection and several other things instantly go away.

There was a kickstarter to group the power plug, thunderbolts, USB and audio into one massive plug, but that didn’t meet their goal. I’ve looked into 3D printing something, but for now some copper tape wrapped around the business end of the cable helps.

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I have had to replace one macbook power supply because the cable failed right at the magsafe connector, so I would prefer to have the connector pop out under tension.

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Why? Because Fuck You, that’s why!


Wait - this wasn’t an April Fools Day post?

…and? Are they any less worthy of getting solved?

I’m a software developer, and my rMBP is a tool I use constantly. The MagSafe 2 cable used to get unseated many times a day, an annoyance when you are trying to concentrate and get work done. Snuglet fixed that. It’s been a win for me.

I can see Snuglet increasing the chance of damaging the cable, or possibly even pulling the computer off a surface, because it seats the connector much more tightly. But based on my experience, I’ll take those odds.

Of course not. Solve away.

It’s the dramatic statements like in the OP that I am taking a dig at:

Millions suffer in silence

Woe is me! My Macbook comes unplugged!

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Is this really anything to do with magnetics? Seems a shim to add some physical friction to the mag port, not increase the magnetism by some magical way :confused:

Well, such things can be pretty annoying. Double so when they keep happening over and over AND OVER. And triple so if preventable by a better design.

You have no idea how hypocritical this comment of yours is, do you? Heh.

Do you know what “facetious” means? Sarcasm? Humor? Do any of these words mean anything to you? Also, the irony of this over-dramatic comment of yours is not lost on me. Thanks for the laugh!

I am dying for an explanation. Unless you are just referring to complaining about tech on forums?

I am quite acquainted with humor, satire, etc. Nothing about the OP or this invalidates my dig, because it is funny.

“Millions suffer in silence” is what we with a sense of it would refer to as humor. Not as in one of “the humors” but rather a joke. You might do some research into them. They are relatively common.

I think maybe it holds the connector square in the receptacle, so it has to pull directly away in stead of ‘rocking’ away. I’ve never used a magsafe connector, but I’ve had to separate strong magnets and it helps a lot if you can get them to tilt. Snuglet might add mechanical friction as well.

The like on my post suggests that I am perfectly hilarious to at least one person.

In real life, you would in fact find me stand-up-comic* funny.

*German stand-up comics

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Ah, that makes sense :slight_smile: