SO GOOD: Live cam pointed at bald eagles incubating their eggs in the wild

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I love this Eagle cam. The eagles also have an egg from over the weekend. The pair has nested here for years. It is also interesting because it is in an area of the country not usually associated with Bald Eagle populations.
Happy egg watching!


Sending the link to my FiL, who is an avid birder. There is an eagle nest on one of his walks, and he has occasionally been stared at by the parent eagles, and buzzed by one once.


Having a nest near my house in Duluth growing up these are way more enjoyable by video. The camera doesn’t capture the smell. Eagle shit and rotting carcasses of the fish and little mammals they eat don’t smell very good.

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I’m so excited for nesting season to begin! In season, I generally follow

…and year-round I watch the Cornell Ornithology Lab Bird Cams, especially my favorite, the Panama Fruit Feeder Cam!


Thanks for this post! Bald eagles are horrible to almost everyone, including and maybe especially other bald eagles, but they are amazingly gentle parents. They curl their talons under to avoid stepping on their eggs and young, and they take care to pull off tiny pieces of meat to feed the hatchlings.

In addition to the great Cornell cams posted above, they have a new camera on an albatross nest in New Zealand. Theres a video here too of someone candling the egg, which gives a good idea of the size of the parent bird :flushed:, and also how unused to humans they are:

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