So, most Americans live in states where same-sex marriage is legal now

That’s something, right? I mean, gay marriage is even gonna be legal in Utah now. UTAH.

Good times.

(Note: I just posted this as “wrath” because that’s the category for politics. I’m not feeling especially wrathful about it at all.)


Fantastic news! Of course, we’re still not to the goal of marriage equality for all… but it’s better than it was a decade ago!


But as of today, the people opposing marriage equality can accurately be described as “minority special interest groups” (or whatever they used to call the other side when they were in the majority).


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Where do Mormons stand on gay polygamy?

Maybe they’d go for it if we pitched it as “just like a regular polygamous marriage, but without the husband.”


Going the other way…

Jokes aside, probably where their official stance on polygamy is, which is a no - they had laws on the books about co-habitation outside of marriage specifically to ban polygamy (which was the times they generally enforced it, but that was struck down by the Utah supreme court recently). I did have someone clarify the religious ramifications of sealings (which is the officially sanctioned marriage in the Mormon Church), that you only get one in your life, so make it count, because that is the person you’ll spend eternity with.

And I doubt the current crop of fundamentalist LDS churches would support gay marriage as a whole of course.

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