Social media managers assailed


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It’s easy to see why they would be fooled into thinking that people were morons considering the level of discourse that occurs on Facebook. this is because Facebook conversation is dominated by the bored, the uneducated and the desperate “minority”.

As it is, most educated and engaged people do not read tweets or become overly involved in social media… So the intelligent “masses” will not see these ads anyway.


I wish that interesting links didn’t have URLs that I don’t want showing up on the firewall logs. :frowning:

One of the major failures of social media marketing is that those employed to do it are valued by the numbers of likes/retweets/replies/followers they yield, which is not even remotely correlated to the impact on the consumer’s opinion he is paid to skew in favour of his employer.

It’s possible that ‘social media manager’ is what you become when you lack the mathematical talent to be a creepy analytics weasel, lack the artistic or writing talent to do conventional advertising art or copy; but possess the shamelessness and narcissistic exhibitionism required to sustain professional-level ‘engagement’ with social media about some inane product/service/brand without gnawing out your own eyes just to end the pain.

That would be a set of selection criteria that produces some… fine, upstanding, wonderful, people.


To say that they regularly underestimate their customers’ intelligence would be a great understatement.

Since I do not see four horsemen, I think we can safely say we haven’t reached that point.

Who is going to tweet about Wheat Thins? or Dove soap? Or follow them on twitter? The person in charge of making that brand engagement worthy either has to come up with something very clever - see the Dove for Real Beauty ad campaign or something very very very stupid - see the pumpkin filled with body wash get smashed - stupid enough for tweens to click/tweet or stupid enough for people to retweet because it is just so darn dumb. What other options are there?


You’ve hit the nail on the head. The very concept of social-media marketing of mundane products is silly.


I was also thinking of another reason some of this stuff is there - to churn the stats. I have a sister who is a social media person. Last Christmas she was visiting my house when a major news story about her boss came through the media pipeline - he’s a right winger who was involved in trying to buy the election for Bush II. So that was kind of a negative news story. She spent her entire Christmas break throwing social media crap out to kind of bury the story in a slew of social media gunk - clogging the search engines with her garbage spew to bury the actual lead. It was a rough Christmas for her; his political beliefs are dead opposite of her own and it wasn’t really how she should have spent her holiday.

To be fair, it must be incredibly difficult to come up with a constant stream of non-inanities relating to a corporate brand.

God, this. I do not want to have a “personally-engaged real-time social relationship” with my brand of crackers or tampons or diet soda. I want to not think about them any time other than when I’m directly consuming/using/replacing them.

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To be fair to social media managers, I do actually have the brain power of a baked potato.

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