Social media platforms back off misinformation crackdown after Trump touts quack cures

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Le’me think, I had this idea once…
…oh, that’s it.
It’s 'cause they’re all assholes.

Assholes tweet free.


If only the Darwin Awards applied to the spread of a virus-- then the morons would all get sick and the smart would not, and maybe someone would learn a lesson.

But the virus doesn’t care who it infects.

Maybe (maybe) Fauci and other experts are wrong, and the virus will subside and the death toll drop. We’d all love that. But I’ll put my trust in them over Trump or Hannity or Alex Jones any day. And in the coming months when we face another massive uptick in cases, Tucker Carlson et al will find a workaround, some other excuse to deflect blame and praise Trump.


I doubt it will even be months. All these boneheads in GA, FL et al are going to ensure that this isn’t anything like a curve, but an endless plateau.


I really hope reporters will start looking at LinkedIn. LinkedIn is so far behind the curve even compared to these other platforms. Comments can be flagged but the crap just keeps raining down from all directions. Just watching Last Week Tonight Coronavirus V: 40% of Americans think Coronavirus is no more deadly than the flu. Some visitors to BB may start piping in about this too.

I’m wondering if people posting there can be sued or prosecuted. If you’re declaring Bill & Melinda Gates to be murderers, and enough people believe it, that becomes an existential threat to them. What if the next person is a researcher or doctor who can’t afford their own security detail? If you’re a public figure, you’re open to all kinds of rhetorical attacks, but I think that crosses a line.

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If there are any responsible people left i the White House: Invoke the 25th!

You’re joking, right?


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