Solo roleplaying a Thousand Year Old Vampire

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Shut Up and Sit Down recently published a review as well!


Getting strong vibes of “Unicorn Tapestry” by Suzy McKee Charnas from this one!





OMG - Space Assassin in this series was seriously THE SHIT.

Also - I want to do this for my character Wren. Hes only 500+ years old, but I have crafted a detailed background and personality for him unlike any other.


It is also worth mentioning that Tim is also a radically amazing person.

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I bought the PDF more than a month ago, actually, and it’s surprising immersive, but only if you put in the effort, and has a bit of a writer in you, as you do need to apply a LOT of imagination. This is NOT choose-your-own-adventure. You need to flesh out the details of everything yourself… But the result is so rewarding that I am thinking about starting a new game and put my results into a blog, as sort of a writing exercise. Unfortunately I’m a bit busy with job search at the moment. But it’s on my todo list!


That’s a good point that this game might be a bit intimidating to those who are used to (and want) things to be more fleshed out. There’s a lot of dreaming everything up here to start. Being a writer with an overactive imagination, I found that exciting and fun. But that might not be much fun for others. I love the journaling aspect of this game, coming up with rich character backgrounds using Wikipedia, etc.

Damn it. That reminded me about the film Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter – which has to be the greatest movie title ever. I’ve many times been so close to pulling the trigger and getting it… but – although some people liked the film – still many more deemed it not worth the watch. Thoughts on the film?

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It was okay; though the climax was overblown and overdrawn.

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Another film of note is the Asylum version of that, Abraham Lincoln, Zombie Killer, which was actually very good.

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