Some folks may refer to him as Hobo


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Back in the Ole’ Century. A Hobo was a guy that would do occasional day labor for some cash, a Bum was a drunk. Hobos and Bums are different.


[quote]JLW wrote:
Some folks may refer to him as Hobo.

I call him Tim.[/quote]

But no one calls him Maurice? Ever? Like, not even once?



i’ve got some bad news for tim. professor or hobo is a false dichotomy.


Case in point:


A Hobo travels from place to place and works.

A Tramp travels from place to place and doesn’t work.

A Bum doesn’t travel and doesn’t work.


Only when he speaks of the pompousness of love.


A Bindlestiff is a Bum that preys on Hobos.


Hey now – pompatus and other sweet words of epismetology are perfectly cromulent.


It also works as pompousness as well. As in, “love’s so pretentious, let’s just fuck.”

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