Some idiot torched hives with half a million bees in Texas

Fucking A; it’s either some ‘immanentize the eschaton’ bullshit, or it’s some dumb-ass selfish muthafuckas just fucking up shit because they can.


Exactly. Nimby’s get all riled up on NextDoor that their kids keep stuffing bee’s up their noses and next thing you know some “very good people” are making the community “safer” under the cover of darkness with some gasoline.


My money’s on some ignorant selfish fucktard(s). I hope they’re found, tried, convicted and handed a nice long prison sentence.




In my area there are many beekeepers, including myself. I have never seen anything like this. It is a tragedy for the bees, for the beekeeper and for the local ecosystem. As far as “ecoterrorist,” seriously? Torch a bunch of SUV’s, or a new housing subdivision, sure I can buy that. Torch a bunch of beehives? Yeah, no. Most apiaries operate on a shoestring, this kinda thing can put this poor guy out of business for good.


trumpettes being trumpettes.

I got the impression they’re saying it was an act of terrorism threatening the local ecosystem, not an act by environmental extremists. I’d expect what are normally called ecoterrorists to know the importance of bees to the environment and they’re not usually the raze the earth to get the humans types.


Well. It is Texas. A Google search for the “population of Alvin, Texas” says it has 26,474 people there as of 2017. It wouldn’t surprise me if it’s something as simple as bored teenagers thinking it would be funny. It may be worth keeping an eye on YouTube, because the good thing about most teenagers is that they aren’t master criminals.

It seems there are other people who feel otherwise. More bees is better than fewer bees.

It may be wrong of me, but I equate that as saying, “The melting polar ice doesn’t matter because I can just pop down to 7-11 for ice any time I need to.”


You don’t even want to know the kind of punishment I have in mind.

That’s a start.


Please do not overreact.

As I know a bit about honeybees (and some other bees too…), let me explain. From the look of the photographs, there were hives and nucleuses. Half a million bees would be about 20 colonies. Regrettable damage, but still relatively modest.

Then, we are talking about vandalism here. Some clues point towards a beekeeper, probably one who did not like the owner of the bees and not eco-terrorism. How do I know? I just watched the pictures.

Then the story about honeybees disappearing. In truth, we are not missing honeybees on this planet. The USA has a lack of them, but because agriculture in the USA is generally a problem. The rest of the world is doing comparatively fine. Not great, but ok. For honeybees.

Other pollinators, like other bees, bumblebees, etc… are considerably more threatened. That is the real problem.

Do you want to help? You can and that is surprisingly easy. If you have a garden, balcony or window facing south, bring some plants for the pollinators. Kitchen herbs are a sure choice, much better than anything else you can buy (and taste good, too…). Try thyme, sage, mint, red pesto, rosemary, etc… You will be surprised by the number of insects, even in the middle of a city.

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  1. What kind of dipshit would burn down bee hives?

  2. Is possible some of the bees escaped to the area and could be rescued? I mean, they can fly, though not sure what a queen does if the hive is on fire.

That analogy would work if this in any way contributed to the phenomenon of bee colony collapse. To use your polar ice analogy, this is like saying the polar ice is affected by a store’s ice maker going on the fritz. And calling this “ecoterrorism” makes it easier for people to ignore real environmental issues.

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gotta love Human Beings. Gotta think maybe these guys were right.


Since you ask: bees abscond when facing a fire. Basically, they leave the hive with the queen and try to start another colony somewhere else. The queen cannot live alone.

Here, however, the hives were vandalized by a beekeeper. That person would have blocked the hive exit before setting them on fire, I suppose. If not, there are swarms to be caught not far from the place.


You meant to reply to @pensketch, but I’ll note that it contributes to the larger problem of decline of bee populations in a particularly stupid and destructive way – one that could “inspire” other morons who don’t like having hives around for various reasons.


I’ve been considering starting a beehive on my property (good for the environment, plus I love honey), but the number of hoops I have to jump through to be legally allowed is substantial.


I didn’t. I suggested it was bored teenagers.

I also allowed that it may be wrong of me to put forth that analogy. It’s just what came to mind.

Considering your entry to this post was to just say…

… and nothing else (at that moment) to explain why you’ve chosen to find this news useless, yet not useless enough to just keep on browsing, I’m surprised you’ve stuck around to try and keep arguing the points. It seemed intended to provoke a response. If so, congrats. It worked.

I don’t think it changed the minds of anyone here that feels like intentionally killing 500K bees is a bad thing.


Try to find a beekeeper club near where you live. I can’t say much more as I don’t know where you live, but local beekeepers would know.
If you are in Europe, keeping bees on your property should not be too difficult. There are some legal traps, but can be circumvented.
Please consider that honeybees, like all animals, want to multiply. Successful beekeepers need to sell extra hives every year.


Vandalism against hives is not that rare. People (other beekeepers usually) toss the hives down, set fire or poison them. It does not happen everyday, but it happens.


Or run them over with a truck.