Somebody stole $400 worth of Chromebooks from a Chicago school

(I kid I kid. This is coming from somebody who kinda got Chrome OS Flex running on a old laptop)

Those aren’t Chicago schools. Fox News will report this as ‘urban crime’, when the three suburbs are so far out that they were considered separate towns, not even exurbs, when I was in school: Elgin, Plainfield, and Schaumburg.

This is very much white-on-white crime. Probably why no one is bothering about it, except journalists.


Elgin is now about 50-50 Hispanic and white. Not sure about the others but the suburbs of Chicago have been changing their demographics as city prices have risen.
It’s still a shit thing to have happened. The schools provide those computers because they are trying to make sure every student has access to one. Their budgets aren’t infinite either. Maybe dismissing this because it happened to a mostly white school district feels good-oh, look, now they can see how it feels-but that’s still a shallow way to look at it.
And the headline is missing a few zeros. At least one district lost over $500,000.

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I wasn’t dismissing the crime at all.

I was pointing out that whenever the news talks about crime, somehow it’s the big bad city that is named, to make it seem like all the crime happens in urban places.

And, it does appear that the local communities and the schools are dismissing the crime, in that the journalists are having to push hard and often to try to get answers because no one else seems to care.


The headline of the article posted clearly says suburban. The topic title says Chicago.

This article names several Chicago schools.

It appears the problem is widespread.

It is also tiring to see Chicago trotted out over and over again as the archetypical high-crime city.

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Don’t they have an app taking snapshots from the camera or otherwise reporting home? /s

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