Somebody stole the skull of Nosferatu director FW Murnau

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I’ll take, “Things to Smoke Weed Out Of” for 200, Alex.


Reanimation, like cryonics, is easier with just a head than with the entire body.

I’d use it to enjoy a warm glass of AB+


The original Alamo Drafthouse commissioned a score to be played live during a proper screening of Nosferatu from Brown Whornet. This was, hands down, the loudest damned silent film I have ever seen :slight_smile: Here’s a sample Nosferatu
As for ‘proper’ screening: I believe one needs a variable speed projector to show this film at the correct frame rate as this was not standardized at the time. Presumably it can be seen at the correct speed in the Criterion Collection version.

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These are the lives and times of bored Goth youth.


Better check these guys for allibis


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