Someone asked every member of Ireland's parliament what their favorite Beyoncé song was

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This just in: 77% of Irish parliamentatians hate Beyonce–Faith in Humanity restored!

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i think i like her, but i don’t know any of her songs by name :confused: can i be taoiseach?


I think you’ll have to fight Leo and Simon for the post kaibesszytentroy- however, personally, it beats me why anyone would want the post…

I just bought her first album, Bed, Bath and Beyoncé, and I love it! (I got a coupon for it for 20% off)


I’m not sure I can pronounce her name correctly.

You’re not wrong, Walter.


Mine is “Highway to Hell”. She covers that, right?


Her “The Way We Were” is pretty solid!

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Pat Buckley and I are of the same mind on this

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I don’t dislike Beyoncé, but I honestly don’t think I’ve ever heard any of her songs in full.

I could tell you my favorite Cassandra Wilson, Valerie June, or Rhiannon Giddens songs though.

Me neither, but I made portraits of her:

Beyonce’s reaction to Pat:

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well, if my entire platform is that i have a vague awareness of Beyonce, expectations will be really low

can’t fail == win!

I’ll just leave this here…

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