Someone donated sixty ounces of marijuana to Goodwill


I see what you did there…:wink:


You seem a little… paranoid @davide405 :wink:


Somebody dropped off the wrong garbage bag! Stoners


I know…red tape, legal issues and all, but goddammit! Proceeds would have fed a lot of hungry people.

And I don’t mean the people who might smoke it. :smirk:



Umm, that was 80 ounces when I dropped it off. I predict a sharp uptick in pizza deliveries to the Goodwill break room.


How does one get in on this yearly burn…



Why is it brown? Maybe this is from that government lab that calls lawn clipping marijuana.


Zoinks! That’s like eleventy kilos! At a buck three eighty a pinch… lemme see… whatever… it’s like a mazillion dollars!


I too came into the possession of some trees by chance exactly two times. I remember both times fondly. Those were two very good days indeed.


Yes they do, but they still had to report the 120 60 grams to the police.


60 grams? Why would you report 30 grams to the police?

In the vein of one of my favorite jokes.

A kid asks his dad for forty dollars.
The father replies, “twenty dollars!? What do you need ten dollars for!?”


I just hope the Salvation Army finds a good use for my contribution.


Your “Car Wash” pic motivated me to go to the library to borrow the DVD. It was already checked out, go figure, so I reserved it. Looking forward to seeing it again after many many years!


As an aside, my local Goodwill as well as ReStore have gotten very particular about what they’ll accept and what they won’t. I got a set of storage cabinets sent to me, and I only needed some of them, so I was going to donate the ones that I couldn’t use, but they wouldn’t take them because they weren’t assembled. So I said, you mean if I assembled them here in the driveway, then you’d take them? Well no, the guy said, because we only accept complete sets of cabinets. The time before that, I was reorganizing my kitchen cabinets, and I tried to donate some older pots and pans that I no longer needed. They wouldn’t take them either, because they were a little bit dusty. I’m to the point where I would rather just throw the stuff away than lugging it to them just to be turned away.

Apparently beggars can be choosers.


The administrators executives running Goodwill have quite the racket going.

I donate unwanted items to community thrift stores that are extensions of local nonprofits that do not choose to pay “compensation packages” in excess of $750,000.


Absolutely, I prefer our local Council for the Blind, but the DAV is my second choice.

I do not donate to salvation army, because of discrimination. They helped our family when we were desperate, but if dad had been a second mom, would we not have gotten those coats?


Contents may have settled a few ounces during shipping.


So, Goodwill and Habitat for Humanity are beggars? I will remove my self from your lawn, forthwith.