Someone donated sixty ounces of marijuana to Goodwill


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That’s 60 times the amount that’s legal to possess in Washington.

Do they have 60 employees?


Dammitt, I meant to donate that to the Sativation Army.


I would have been all DIBS!
Seriously as it is legal here why not just go hey everyone grab a baggie and have fun tonight? No we gotta report it to the popo…


I wish! It’s been years since I’ve had any.


Someone donated sixty ounces of marijuana to Goodwill
Thanks someone, again.




I’m no expert, but isn’t weed supposed to be more green than that? Or is my 20 year old drugs education out of date?


Yeah that’s some brownish looking shkank that is!

I’m guessing some enterprising dealer just had a bunch of crap weed they were slowly offloading and then legalization came along which made the point moot. Must be hard to write off $3000 worth of inventory, but that mind-blotting chronic stuff you can buy down at the (legal) weed store sure helps you forget.


Maybe the local police in Monroe, Washington are cool, but my first or second thought upon discovery of such a gift would be…


When I was in high school I worked at a car wash. One day when business was slow my two coworkers and I drew straws to see who would have the unenviable task of emptying the coin-operated vacuums on the other end of the parking lot. Doug drew the short straw. He was the kind of guy who routinely drew the short straw in life. Anyway, Doug headed out to clean the vacuums and after about ten minutes I heard him yell “Yeah!!”. I looked out and saw him give a couple enthusiastic fists pumps over his head and then he jumped and clicked his heels (seriously). He came running over to us and pulled a big ziplock bag of weed out of his pocket. Apparently some customer had it stashed under the car seat and it got sucked up. He didn’t stop smiling for the rest of the shift.


stoners, always misplacing their weed! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

i was thinking that is why it was donated, it looks really old, bleached, and crispy.

they should have made extract if that was the case though, unless they now have access to a lot of much better stuff and it just isn’t worth their time.


“Honey? Why is there a bunch of old clothes in my stash?”


One of those ounces in the photograph definitely looks like the one I lost on a recent trip to Washington, so if you could send it back to me, that’d be great.


the stash is currently “waiting yearly burn of that type of evidence.”

Place bets on how big the stash will be on that day?

“The 20 oz of weed donated to Goodwill will be burned in the yearly procedure tomorrow, police say.”


Out of date…plants have diversity.


… stoned?


So, is the pot gold and white, or…


Day 1: “Fellin’ chill after my smokes. Think I’ll share this with the cool dudes down at SA.”



I like that gang-member’s tats.