Someone trained a bot to write an AC/DC song

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Bot in Black or Information Highway to Hell.


Info to Hell is the title of my next Silicon Valley startup. :grimacing:

(Incidentally, hey NoCal VC vampires, don’t do it. Don’t.)


Can AI bots be plugged together as modules? Like, if I had a bot that checks written sentences make sense (I don’t), could someone like this guy plug it into his bot so that it produces something besides word salad?

Holy shit that’s hilarious. And I say this as a casual AC/DC fan, but that’s better than most of the stuff they’ve put out since Phil Rudd left the band. Malcolm Young said it, “We take the music far more seriously than we take the lyrics, which are just throwaway lines.”


95% of the AC/DC effect is the guitars, the production, and the vocals. The lyrics are just a scramble of AC/DCisms that could have been done with scissors or dice. Not too impressed with the “bot” or AI claim here.

More impressed with how the vocals are pretty much a 50/50 between Bon Scott and Brian Johnson without copying the really distinctive features of either one.


“Wasn’t the dog a touch too young to thrill?”


This checks out. I wouldn’t question it if someone told me it was legit AC/DC.

Reminds me of my young son’s misinterpretation of the classic, “Dirty Jeans and the Thunder Jeep”.


Yeah, I was going to say, there’s no “bot” and nobody trained anything. It’s a Markov chain, a rudimentary way of stitching things together (not that there’s anything wrong with that). Not everything is a neural network.

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That was a rockin song and the lyrics make about as much sense as any other AC/DC song.


If that bot has a nickname it should be Tenacious D.

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Tenacious USB.


If you’re into this sort of thing, check out “RiTa, the generative language toolkit.”
You can do both Markov chains and recursive sentence structures with it.
As far as an algorithm that can tell if a sentence “makes sense,” I don’t know about that. But lyrics don’t really need to make sense.

Yeah, I just recently noticed they had released more than one album.


You do train Markov chains…

Nope, and I don’t think you need to have a NN in order to claim something is AI. I mean AI existed before neural nets were “a thing” anyone could do in software. Like CLIPS was touted as an “AI language” and it was “just” LISP plus a pattern matching stack (Ok, SCHEME, but SCHEME is just LISP plus a guarantee of tail recursion optimization, right? I dunno, I’m not exactly a LISP/SCHEME/CLIPS expert…I wrote a Civ bot in CLIPS (plus a little C++), and embedded SCHEME into, um, well, don’t look too closely at how macOS/iOS specifies sandboxes…)

I feel it is essential to add Bo Burnhalm’s country song here.


Mine are feral!


“I am the Walrus. Coocoocacho”.

I only accept wildcrafted Markov chains.

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