Someone's finally going to jail over the Panama Papers: a Turkish journalist who reported true facts from them


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So basically they’re admitting the shitty behavior they’re accused of engaging in is so shitty that to be accused of doing it makes them feel bad. In normal human beings that’s called “remorse” and generally leads to better behavior but these are rotten human beings so we get this sort of crap.

Given that we tacitly approved of the murder and dismemberment of another pesky journalist I don’t expect this to cause much of a stir.


I think it has less to do with people being normal or rotten, and more to do with accountability. When consequences are based on who you are instead of what you do, a normal person that never faces negative consequences for their actions, becomes selfish and uncaring. And everyone else gets to take turns as the whipping boy


Someone sent to jail in Turkey for no reason at all has been a daily event ever since that coup attempt. I’ve become desensitized to it.


Does anyone know of a petition for this?


I don’t but I’m sure Erdogan doesn’t give a shit. Textbook example of how dictators get started.




Well at least there’s one country that’s honest enough to criminalize embarrassing the powerful. Most places, they have to doll it up as espionage or some nonsense.


A petition would be valuable regardless of Erdogan’s attitude. The only way to resist a dictator is popular resistance, and their greatest weapon is convincing you you’re alone in your disapproval. A petition would show that wasn’t true.

No leader has ever successfully remained in power if as little as 5% of the population rose up against them.


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