Somethings never change: Francis Ford Coppola's new movie is over budget

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His wines are nothing to write home about either.


The horror!


By the way, if you’ve never seen Apocalypse Now, just watch Hearts of Darkness. It’s ten times better.

Whoah, is Apocalypse Now considered so bad now that it’s not even worth watching?


My son was an extra in a scene that filmed in December here in Atlanta for a day. He’s done other background work like that before, mostly on Marvel movies. He said Coppola is the only director he’s ever seen on a film production that was actually on-set, talking to the actors and the extras as you imagine directors would do (these days, you hardly see directors; they’re usually hidden away in a monitor booth watching what’s being shot). He even asked the extras for some input about the scene, which is unheard of. I hope the movie sees the silver screen, despite its troubles.


I mean, I liked it. Though the Redux version is too dang long.


i could never get over how bad the makeup looked. especially for all that money

what do you mean, that’s a different movie? did they make a prequel?? :cat2:

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The Redux version is a great example of how editing can make a movie much, much better.


Apples and oranges. Hearts of Darkness is one of the best documentaries ever made, Apocalypse Now is one of the best dramas ever made. I saw the original cut of Apocalypse (no credits before or after-- it just started played and ended) in a big theater, and it floored me like no other film had before.

Another Coppola film being over budget and behind schedule is like how every term paper I ever wrote in high school was begun in earnest the night before it was due-- we are who we are.


I agree.

I was just quoting Community like a dork in the blog. Lol It was a 2% reference, but I went for it.


Coor, talk about burying the lede. An old editor of mine used to advise “delete the first paragraph of every article and see if it actually loses anything”, most often it didn’t.

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