Son scares the crap out of his dad, a video compilation


That’s a top dad.

Tape introduced into evidence as exhibit A “Justifiable homicide” for the father


Somebody needs to get a job.

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Does the compilation end with a camera lens shattering right cross?

It should.

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Is there some kind of condition that makes people very sensitive to being startled? If so, I think this dad has it, I’m concerned about his well being!*

*Seriously, the fact that he can (and does) laugh about it makes this whole video rather charming.



He may not even realize he has it, or what it came from.

My thought exactly. The only person I’ve ever known who was that jumpy had a pretty tough case of it.

just going on pure physical condition, i wouldn’t go startling him like that. he looks like a pretty decent candidate for a heart attack.

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Alcoholism too. Not saying this guy’s a drunk, but it can elevate one’s startle response.

My wife startles real easy… Jack-in-the-box toys are her kryptonite.
I would never attempt to make a video like that because I would rather not die in my sleep.

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Some people are apparently just easily startled.

I wonder how many times you can grab your heart like that before you wear away the surrounding flesh and ribs.

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