Sounds like even the Theranos CEO's voice was fake


Seriously, the tone of your voice has nothing to do with how authoritative you sound. That’s Aaalllstates stand…

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You make a good point. Everyone who has gotten leadership coaching, read books about career advancement, etc, has received advice about tone of voice, posture, and body language. But Holmes takes it all to another whole level of weird, fake, affected, strained. Her persona is so creepy, I can’t imagine how someone could listen to her for even five minutes and want to give her money, but what do I know, I’m not a wealthy investor.



I have to wonder if she has the kind of private, in-person sociopathic charm that Donald Trump apparently does. Many social interactions are bolstered by social lies. Being ready and able to lie without the least twinge of guilt, remorse or second guessing seems like it would be a big leg up for a con artist.

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“Faces years in jail.” Yeah, billionaire goes to prison. Please wake me when that happens.



Tone of voice is used to judge us guys too. Took me several years to figure this out. It can be weird watching it happen between superiors/subordinates. Weirder still when you catch yourself doing it*. I can only imagine how frustrating it would be to have someone corner you about it.

I got the lecture on filler words in high-school. It was for a public speaking activity. The advice hasn’t stuck all that well.

  • My relaxed voice sounds like a fast talking Eeyore. I have to avoid it during meetings or risk coming across as all doom and gloom.

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