South African canopy walkway is breathtaking

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Great find, Caroline!

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There’s a similar canopy walk at Kew. The real value of these walks is less the vista (you can have that with a tower) and more the ability to experience that level of a tree close up.

Nice pictures. But the Boomslang walkway at Kirstenbosch is definitely not close to a mile long. Its official length is 130 metres, or 426 of your ridiculous Imperial feet.

In fact, most of these photos show the same section of the walkway from different angles. It really isn’t much longer than what you can see in the pictures. But please! Come to Cape Town and enjoy it! Spend your beautiful American dollars in our service economy!

South Africans must really hate our measurement system because this is the second time I’ve read or heard criticism about this in the last four months and both are from South Africans. Or maybe South Africans are just more vocal about it?

Whatever the case, my husband is right there with you. He has been waiting for the U.S. to go metric since the Carter Administration, and still thinks Carter’s only failure was not signing an executive order making the sweeping changes. He is still eagerly hoping that the rest of America wakes up from the nightmare that is the Imperial system and realizes that Jimmy Carter was correct: changing to the metric system is long overdue.

(Confidentially, it’s my belief that my husband got behind this movement during the 70’s because it would’ve made his high school math classes so much easier.)

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