South Carolina introduces bill to punish women who have an abortion by executing them


Miscarriages routinely get prosecuted as abortions in places where abortion is illegal, as it’s often impossible to distinguish e.g. a chemically-induced miscarriage from a natural one. Hell, miscarriages get prosecuted even when abortion is legal and everyone acknowledges it’s a miscarriage, as it’s a way of punishing women who don’t “behave as they should” when pregnant - e.g. they took drugs. (This regularly happens all across the US, even in “blue” states, though usually in conservative counties.)

So yeah, expect to see prosecutions in cases of deliberate abortions, ambiguous situations, and in cases where a prosecutor decides a woman did something “risky” that resulted in a miscarriage. (Taking a drug, not taking a [prescribed] drug, not spending months flat on her back with a “difficult” pregnancy, etc. - expect to see any and all behavior criminalized if it results in a miscarriage.)


Yeah since the people pushing these laws through everywhere they can are usually also the people engaging in the most horrific abuses the laws unleash on society we can generally expect that whatever unthinkable horror and cruelty we imagine has already been in praxis and is just awaiting legal protection via precedent or further GOP legislation.


I would think this is the very definition of “reasonable doubt” that would lead to an acquittal.


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Anti-choice is more generally accurate, just see what they want to do to LGBTQIA+ people. Forced-birth is just one of their tools to do this.

The Nat-Cs are Patriarchial Theocrats, and everything they are doing is to bring this dystopia into reality.


“If we call it life and define it as life, then why should anyone, not just mothers, why should anybody be able to take that life?”

How about we add an amendment to that bill? Any police officer who kills a suspect shall be charged with murder or manslaughter. If the killing was in self defense or the defense of others, they can defend themselves in a court of law.

Why should police officers (who are included in ‘anybody’) be able to take that life?


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They believe what they are saying.

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It will all depend on who you are - if you’re poor, a WOC, liberal or progressive, or some other undesireble category, it will always be an abortion not a miscarriage… if you’re white and supporting the ruling class, it will always be a miscarriage, not an abortion.

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There is not “reasonable doubt” for women who are not under control of their “commander”… They are not bound by the law, they are fascists, and so twist the law to punish people they don’t like.

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Sooo… Pro Life much?


I’ll say this much for the Catholic Church: at least they’ve been pretty consistent on the “pro-life” thing when it comes to capital punishment (at least since the mid-20th Century or so). The Evangelicals? Just run away. Run away as fast as you can.


Guilt will be assumed unless they get prior approval from a judge to use force for the specific instance.

I wouldn’t go that far. A handful of nuns protest capital punishment. If the church itself objected as vehemently to capital punishment as it does to abortion, it would already be gone. For many decades.


FWIW capital punishment is already gone in most majority-Catholic countries.


Great! Let’s put in front on the majority-Catholic SCOTUS and see how that goes!

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This is a good example of where the official church position doesn’t line up especially well with the hard-right folks who identify as Catholic.


I would argue that the church’s stance against capital punishment is half-hearted at best. Their actions don’t match up with their words.

Texas executes more people than any country except for China and Iran. Has the church threatened to excommunicate Gregg Abbott like they have for progressive politicians who support abortion rights?

No, they have not.


It just means every miscarriage is suspicious - and since that’s the end result of a majority of pregnancies, there’s a lot of room for circumstantial evidence to convict some people, randomly. Though the more fundamental problem is, when you create these kinds of laws in the first place, “reasonable” never even comes into it.


Google lens says it’s a line for a Maryland gun show. The 2nd amendment rights of turnips shall not be infringed.


… the quiet part is getting louder and louder


Those signs are for the toilets, there’s a wall in front of the entrances and you can just see the dark corner of the entrance to the men’s above the head of the bloke wearing the brown down vest, next to the asshole with the rifle. Resolution of the image tends to blend the bricks of the separate wall into the main wall of the building.
It’s possible all those men are guarding the toilets in case any ‘suspicious’ persons attempt to gain access.

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Hey, yeah! You’ve got better eyes than mine. I was imagining a “Who’s Next” scenario.



Years spent working in pre-press, doing photoshop work on client’s photos prior to going to print. It used to be pretty easy to spot the retouching, but technology is making things easier to do, like the ability in iOS 16 to just tap and hold something in a photo, lift it out and drop it into another image; I would have practically sold a vital organ to be able to do that twenty-odd years ago!

Actually, I’ve just thought about the photo in question, an occasion like the one in the photo is very like a trap for wasps, they just turn up en-mass, then once the place is full, lock the doors and walk away. Let nature take its course.