South Carolina introduces bill to punish women who have an abortion by executing them

“wasps” or “WASPs”; or a combination of both?


This is of course in addition to the existing South Carolina laws punishing women for abortions. All of these forced-birth assholes can go straight to their hell


Well, if they want to treat abortion the same as deadly force by private citizens in other situations, they should remember that SC has both Stand Your Ground and Castle Doctrine laws. The former should be a much more generous life of the mother exception than anything requiring a doctor’s agreement. The latter should let a pregnant woman regard the fetus as an intruder in the event of any unplanned pregnancy, but especially in cases of rape.

In the event this law or something like it passes, we might as well use other absurd ideas against it. You want these rules? You might get it.



Ladies and gentlemen, the “pro life” party!


We can stop pretending that all the laws that these assholes want to pass to either restrict women or to allow white people to kill others with impunity has anything to do with passing good laws anytime now… Or that “playing their game” will end up with a good result for anyone…


Agreed, but it’s rarely a bad idea to use your opponent’s tools and resources against them.

Is it? These laws are already used selectively to allow for (primarily) white people to kill Black Americans with impunity. You’re assuming these laws are some sort of outliers to how our justice system works, rather than how it normally works. Just look at the very different treatment Black defendants get in court, and how much of our prisons are filled with men of color. Do you really think that Black men are that much more prone to criminal behavior? :woman_shrugging: I assume that you don’t believe that, so what is the explanation for how tilted our criminal justice system is, other than systemtic racism. These laws are a tool of that system.

How precisely, would a woman use these laws to get an abortion, since the unstated basis of these forced birth laws are not “protecting the unborn” but ensuring women are under the thumb of men.


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