South Dakota lawmaker blocks workplace protection for pregnant workers: "It's not prison. You can quit."

Good. Having kids is a choice. Why the fuck - as an employer- am I expected to be inconvenienced and pay for you to have kids? If you can’t afford to have them, don’t.




When siting at the grown up table, bring grown up arguments. Please, try again.


So if this SYSTEM OF EMPLOYMENT inconveniences US and stops our families from continuing into the future, then we can’t AFFORD to keep supporting that system, and we should not allow IT to continue into the future?


Too bad the law disagrees, eh? Next thing you know, you’ll be paying taxes for their education…



Use of force? Where was force applied?

Conversely, if this is true, you must be advocating force as well, correct?

Again, I think you should crack open a history book. The rights of workers and employers - and before that - rulers and peasents go back a long, long time.

History is full of examples of people who were free to leave and do something else besides work long hours at dangerous jobs for little pay. The thing you either forgot or aren’t aware of is - MOST places were like that. You couldn’t find a job not like that, and certainly there weren’t enough for everyone.

Two things tend to happen:

Revolts and those in power wind up dead.

Compromise and concessions, where one agrees to treat the other better, and it turned out in the long term to be a better deal for both parties.

The freedom for them to do what ever is the freedom for them to fuck you over. Yes, even you.


Because companies exist in society and a civilization. You can’t really have companies with out employees. Employees are an investment.

I trust you enjoy things like time of at your job. Breaks? Do you enjoy a “real” job where you actually get to slack off part of the day even?

Fun fact - most factories saw an INCREASE in production after labor laws reduced the work day, as well as an increase in quality control and a decrease in accidents.


I agree too. This bill is a complete farce.

What is actually required is guaranteed, paid parental leave. Then the worker who’s not busy gestating and/or raising an entire new human can come back to work and work like anyone else. Easy! And if they have a partner with flexible hours provided by that paternity leave who can pick up the slack, they can even stay in after hours from time to time. Greater efficiency! Improved birth rates! Joy! Happiness! Free cookies!

But, ah, that’s for hyper-advanced utopian societies. Like Swaziland, Chile, Iran, and Montenegro which provides fifty-two weeks of it. The poor, third-world, barely developed USA couldn’t possibly manage that.




Well, sure, in the same sense no other “pure” government has ever happened. (Apologias for Communism come to mind; it never “really” existed, so attacks on it are baseless.)

But we certainly see elements of anarcho-capitalism, all terrible, sprouting in the United States. Most recently: the growing use of biased, binding arbitration replacing judicial review which corporations weave into their terms of use. “O brave new anarcho-capitalist world, / That has such corporations – i.e., people – in it!”


Because this isn’t your movie.



Anarcho-capitalism sounds like the very definition of hell on earth. Damn.


Thank God someone is thinking of the proprietors of old building and cave tours.

For too long people who run tours of old buildings and caves have been unfairly discriminated against. It is getting so it is damn near impossible to make a decent profit running tours of old buildings and caves, especially when those uppity pregnant women you have abseiling down the interior of the cave leading the tour group to the dive point in total darkness want to sit on a stool and drink a glass of water or take a piss.


Also, personal (and mostly unnecessary, but somehow relevant) note: I’ve known two Cathcarts in my time here on earth, both thoroughly disagreeable people who only ever brought joy to a room by leaving it. I’m sure there must be some pleasant people with that particular surname somewhere in this world, but this Shawn chap sure as hell isn’t helping the cause of his people. That said, were he to leave this room I’d once again find joy in the occasion. So there’s that.

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sorry there, quite right about that. It was an unneccesary diversion from my original point anyhow. Thanks!

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How can an employer exist?

I mean, if you have a lot of wealth, what prevents the untamed hordes from picking all your valuables clean away and leaving you with a commemorative t-shirt? I believe that’s laws imposed by the government.

Also, what prevents a CEO from just selling off the business and pocketing the profits and leaving the investors with nothing? I believe that’s laws imposed by the government.

What prevents the business down the street from using your name, logo, brand and basically claiming they are you even though they’re not and ruining your reputation and/or stealing your business? I believe that’s also laws imposed by the government.

Seems like laws imposed by the government creates the environment for businesses to exist and thrive, and businesses can’t operate without a governing body imposing rules lest unsavory people steal all value the business has in the first place.

So, then, it seems to me that workers, who are the people who vote for the government that creates the environment for business actually do have a say, don’t they?


What’s in the fourth bag? The one in the back there.

Are you reading what you are writing?


But if I hold a gun to your head and tell you to drink hydraulic fluid, the choice is yours to make. I’m pretty sure that’s the point here… I think… right?