South Dakota lawmaker blocks workplace protection for pregnant workers: "It's not prison. You can quit."


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Because it’s always so easy and such a delight to just switch jobs… And providing “didn’t provide accommodations for my pregnancy” as the reason for leaving your last job probably won’t get you a lot of job offers.


Christ, what an asshole!


Elected office is also not prison, though I suspect it is a gateway drug.

Wayne can quit.


Late Stage Capitalism.


Ass needs to have an embryo involuntarily transplanted to his abdomen.


We got another TGOP’er douchebag of the year award’ee.


Early stage capitalism too, which is why all those pesky worker rights had to be introduced in the first place. So let’s compete (unnecessarily) with the Third World by regressing to a Third World polity.


“Het enige recht van de vrouw is het aanrecht.”* - Old Dutch male chauvinist pig proverb.

*“The only right of a woman is the kitchen countertop.”


So quit and go on welfare? Maybe nursing at our desk? Is that what you want Senator?


would have required employers to provide pregnant workers with water, a stool to sit on, and bathroom breaks.

This is in the USA? Not a sweatshop in one of the poorest countries in the world, in the USA, this is too much to provide a pregnant woman?

That wall you’ve been promised people, is meant to keep you in.


Sorry, but I’m afraid I must agree with the lawmaker.

Now, if it had been changed to requiring that they provide those accommodations so long as it is reasonable with regard to the job I would have no problem with it, but as it stands it’s going too far.

What about someone whose job keeps them moving around? What about those whose job takes them into areas lacking in restroom facilities? I’m thinking of tour guides in old buildings or in natural places such as caves.


Yet another reason why we should make it a serious and unstinting policy to remove Viagra/Cialis (or any procedure that assists silverback boners) from healthcare coverage. With a move toward making it outright illegal.

It is not producing children. It is outright waste of the seed, as prohibited in the Bible. It’s just pure lechery and licentiousness-- paid for by our tax dollars. This outrage has to stop.


No, that’s simple; we give people in those situations more, better protections. Earlier and longer maternity leave, say. See? Easy!


I was wondering, why do you even need to be pregnant to get these things?


I keep trying to think of ways my state doesn’t suck, but these f#ckt$rds are really making it difficult.


Another of Tina Fey’s “grey-faced men with $2 haircuts,” this time expounding on workplace exploitation instead of rape.


It baffles the mind that there are people who genuinely believe that this fetishization of choice is actual economic theory and not pure reactionary ideology. Dinks.

  1. If only it was as easy as switching jobs because you didn’t like them.

  2. Did these people not have mothers growing up? Maybe they were cloned or hatched…