Southwest Airlines will reward vaccinated workers with extra pay and cut sick days for the unvaxxed

Originally published at: Southwest Airlines will reward vaccinated workers with extra pay and cut sick days for the unvaxxed | Boing Boing


Not sure giving people who don’t believe in vaccinations a reason to lie about being infected is a good idea.


This is great, especially the stripping of extra privileges (ie COVID sick pay) for those who refuse to be proactive. It costs Southwest money to offer that perk and there is no reason to extend it to those who contract COVID for stupid reasons.

Unless I’m misreading something, that’s the opposite of what they’re doing, right?


If you don’t get extra sick days for COVID if you are unvaccinated then there in a financial incentive to lie and go in sick. That was my interpretation of it.


I’ve been on Southwest a lot over the past couple months. The flight crew asks, in their cutsie ways, for all us passengers to behave so they don’t end up on YouTube. I can understand that, and I hope to never be in a viral video in a plane cabin. But it goes both ways… I would ask all the flight crew to behave and be vaccinated and masked.

We appreciate the job they do, and why they insist on serving liquid refreshments (they are down to just five selections) for a 300-400 mile hop, I don’t know. I’ll take the mini pretzels, though!


Aha, got it. I was thinking the opposite; that they would lie to take advantage of the sick days.

As Nick Cave sez, people just ain’t no good.


Quarantine isn’t only from getting sick, but from getting exposed. So you may be forced to quarantine if a coworker on the same flight tests positive. Most of these policies included testing for employees, so even if they don’t report they are sick, they would be exposed as being sick, and then that will effect all their coworkers as well.

My work has implemented a similar policy. They have been very pro-vaccine, while also handling everything with kid gloves.

It doesn’t effect my group as we work remotely :confused: So they have not a lot of incentive to get vaccinated if they don’t want to.


I’m generally wary of these penalties on health care and benefits. But this isn’t about risks you’re taking just for yourself.


It’s great, but I don’t know if Jim “Goat Boy” Breuer will approve.

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I guess a company can only do so much. But nowhere am I seeing the part where they promise I won’t get Covid from a flight attendant.

So making it more likely that employees who aren’t debilitating ill will come into work infecting their colleagues and customers.

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They don’t have mandatory testing for crew before a flight?

I hope you are right and it ends up with unpaid leave. I am just not optimistic.

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wait, wait, wait…
Southwest Airlines does not require their flight attendants to be vaccinated? Hell - I won’t even go to a cafe that does not require vaccinations.

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