Soviet board-games, 1920-1938


Interesting that they would actually have a game based on “reds vs. whites”. I’m not sure I’d want to play as the whites – I might get denounced as a counterrevolutionary with class-inappropriate nostalgia for the reactionary bourgeoisie.


Those elements of the bourgeoisie that actually fought on the side of the Whites were certainly reactionary. Elements belonging at least socioeconomically to the bourgeois class sided with the Reds as well, as the Whites were led by all sorts of antiliberal factions: tsarists, constitutional monarchists, Pan-Slavists (some of these would come to be Eurasianists), and so on.

It’s no different from World War II games produced in nations that historically belonged to the Allied forces. People can often play as the Nazis, use their tanks and weaponry, etc.

True, and nowadays with all the videogames based on WWII, people are used to the concept, but back in the 1980s, when wargaming was an obscure hobby of people pushing cardboard counters and painted miniatures around, I remember explaining wargaming to “normal” people and I remember them being shocked by the idea that somebody would have to play the Germans and having to explain that, no, these people weren’t in general Neo-Nazis.


Uposcrabblenyk FGV (For Great Victory), comrades!
Now if we could figure what to do with those pesky Uzbeks…

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