Space cookies and the future of pizza pockets beyond Earth

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or hot pockets of some sort

Oh, no. You really don’t want to do that, especially on the ISS.


why they weren’t “poofy…”

Huh. Given the micro-gravity, I would have expected baked goods to be extra fluffy. This is why we do the experiments.

Sounded to me like they need to ramp the heat much faster and perhaps use a convection oven?
a sous vide cookie seems more like what they actually made… low and slow

for a cook plate use an iron pan, magnets to hold it in place and an induction cooking element? we use a chain mail square as a scrubby rather than those 3M plastic things to reduce micro plastics. maybe the chainmail could also be magnetic to hold the hot pocket to the pan or what-have-you. A panini press would be cool mb?

PIZZA! Iiiiiinnnn Spaaaaaace!

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I think, importantly, zero g provides an opportunity for an edgeless brownie. Brownie batter is pretty sticky and it’s my belief that a spherical baking sheet could be coated with a layer of brownie batter and baked completely, leaving no edges, save the tiny post supporting the spherical baking sheet.

I am prepared to travel to the ISS to test this theory. If proven, it will be the highest achievement of mankind, an edgeless brownie.


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