Space music pioneer, Nik Turner, dead at 82

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A (not close) friend and fellow musician. Sad to see him pass.
I was once in a band (west Wales), the first set, mostly Hawkwind. Turned up to a gig once and yea Nik was in the audience. Went well. A cornet player friend of his (who’s name I sadly cannot remember) joined us for the second set. Great night.


I went to a show by Nik Turner’s Inner City Unit, probably in the early '90s. One of the friends I was with had arranged to interview Turner for a zine, so we ended up going back to his apartment with him and some of the other band members. They clearly just wanted to unwind after the gig, but Turner was very gracious and hospitable and didn’t seem fazed by having three strangers sitting on his living room floor (and, I might add, drinking his booze).


Awwwww, man. Sad day.


Wow, this is a huge loss. :cry::purple_heart:

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I wrote something about one of Nik’s more recent albums years ago (on BB?) and I got a really nice thank you note from him. I thought that was so classy. He was one of the few musicians that ever did that.


This is probably one of the last things he did. A Halloween themed album the great Arthur Brown did this year with guest stars. Great tune, too. Also below is my favorite live album from Nik Turner, Space Ritual 1994. Bucket O' Blood - YouTube
Nik Turner - Space Ritual 1994 (Live February 15, 1994) - YouTube


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