Spaghetti-Os remembers Pearl Harbor in the most crass and tasteless way imaginable




Suddenly, my suggestion a few years ago that the local paper try to get a full-page ad from the local Mitsubishi dealership for their Pearl Harbor section seems a lot less crass.


my reaction, as voiced by Ray Allen in the role of Jesus Shuttlesworth:

My reaction to Spaghetti-Os’ marketing dept, that is. The meme is great.


These are great, but the Kent State parody is probably the most biting. Be warned, it’s not necessarily graphic, but pretty dark, so replace the [slash] from the link with a /.[slash]nz2OeGm



Surely the Kent State one hasn’t been purged from the internet, but it’s gone from that link. Anybody have it? Some sick part of me wants to see it.


Add “.jpg” to make it work. I darkly chuckled at it for a long time.

EDIT: Oh, it works without the .jpg. Neat.


It seems they took the original down, does anyone have a link to it?


HuffPo has it, plus some more comments.


I saw some suggestions that this has increased Spaghetti-Os brand awareness a thousand percent. I wouldn’t be surprised if this resulted in a boost in sales.
One tweet I liked:
“Yeah, yeah, keep laughing, but I bet you guys hadn’t thought of @SpaghettiOs in years until yesterday.” - @seph_barker


Shouldn’t we be able to see through the Spaghetti-O’s “mouth?” Where is the tongue coming from? Why does everything throw a shadow on the ground but not on anything else? And why doesn’t the flag have an inked outline like the character?

Crass insensitivity is just the tip of the iceberg with this shipwreck.


That’s pretty crass and tasteless, but I’m going to nominate this Wrigleyville bar for most crass and tasteless Perl Harbor memorial.


Oh, I can imagine far worse than that.


Sooo it’s offensive to show a mascot holding an American Flag…that’s actually all I remember from 2001 till about 2007.


I honestly don’t understand what was so tasteless about the original tweet. That people ran with is more of a controversy than the original posting itself. shrug


I don’t think the outcry is about sensitivity to all the people that died that day, or the reminder of the kickoff to America’s entry into the war, it’s the crassness in that a company would think “Great synergy to market our product!” The flag-wielding cartoon pasta blob was just the icing on the cake.


At work today, an older customer mentioned that today is Pearl Harbor day, that it meant more to him than it would to some of the younger people around. A co-worker said ‘Is it Pearl Harbor day? Congratulations!’.



[quote=“L_Mariachi, post:11, topic:15869”]
Crass insensitivity is just the tip of the iceberg with this shipwreck.

I see what you did there…


how often are you visiting internet k-hole? I updates like once every two months!


Actually, yes, tasteless, thanks for the warning. But your post sent me on a wild Kent State Wiki-fu, and I learned a bunch of stuff just now. Thanks!