Spanish town of 'Jew Killers' mulls possible name change


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Meanwhile Lynchburg, Virginia seems content just the way they are.


According to the article, the town was comprised mainly of Jews who had converted to Catholicism to avoid the Inquisition, and the name was probably a form of misdirection to keep the anti-Semites looking elsewhere. If so, it was a neat trick. (It also means that the BB headline is a wee bit defamatory.)


Lynchburg was named for its founder, John Lynch.


Maybe they should add a :wink: to the end.


Well, that’s a theory but even according to the article there’s no evidence for it as yet. But given that even some lead Nazis had Jewish roots, it’s not implausible that a town with Jewish roots would cloak itself in anti-Semitism in defense.

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that’s a theory

There seems to be no question about the town’s Jewish roots, and there does not appear to have been a pogrom there (of the Clifford’s Tower variety - this is what the BB headline made me think of). The theory part of it is whether they chose the name intentionally as a diversionary tactic. Either way, it does seem to me rather unfair to suggest that this is a “Spanish town of ‘Jew Killers.’”

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Tombstone, Arizona
Murder Island, Nova Scotia
Hell’s Kitchen, New York City
Death Valley, Nevada
Cape Fear, North Carolina
Gorge of Despair, California
Slaughter, Washington
Cut and Shoot, Texas
Misery Bay, Michigan
Skullbone, Tennessee
All the various Devil’s (Object) geological formations
All the various towns/cities named Hell
Head-Smashed-In Buffalo Jump, Alberta
Pile-of-Bones, Saskatchewan (Now Regina)
Mount Buggery, Victoria
Mount Disappointment, Victoria
Lake Disappointment, Western Australia
Slaughter Falls, Brisbane
Mount Hopeless, South Australia
Mount Hopeless, Victoria
Mount Hopeless, Queensland
Mount Hopeless, New South Wales
Lichfield, Staffordshire
Bulawayo, Zimbabwe (‘a place where they are killed’)
Tsavo, Kenya (‘a place of slaughter’)
Salsipuedes, Córdoba (‘get out if you can’)
Komoka, Ontario (‘quiet place of the dead’)
Mars’ Moons - Phobos and Deimos, “Fear and Panic”

Oddly, most of the various names like The Catskill Mountains and The Fresh Kills Estuary derive from non-death related names - Kill is a variant of the Dutch “kille” meaning “riverbed” or “stream”. Thus we have "Cat’s River"and “Fresh River”. Although… there is a “Murderkill” in Delaware, which probably is in fact sinister in origin.

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Does Matamoros, TX have a mosque yet?

Matamoros, Texas: Spanish: from Matamoros meaning ‘killer of Moors’, a title given to Spain’s patron saint, St. James, in the Middle Ages (from matar ‘to kill’ + moros ‘Moors’). According to legend, the saint appeared to a 9th-century Spanish king during a battle, and enabled him to massacre 60,000 Saracens.

Also known as the city where people are less likely to find jobs elsewhere after filing an application.

Matamoros is in Mexico.


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So was Texas, but you know what these northern immigrants are like. Remember the Alamo!

Matamoros, Mexico is actually named after a Mexican Roman Catholic priest who was quite good at killing Spaniards, so its link to killing Muslims is second hand.

And then there’s Texas. I don’t know what it means, but it’s Texas.

“Texas” comes from the Spanish “Tejas”, which was a transliteration of the Caddo word for “friend” or ally.

The Caddo were the dominant Native American tribe in what is now East Texas. Initially, they were on Friendly terms with Spanish Missionaries.

I just with we’d stayed with the 19th century collective noun: Texians.

Death Valley is in California.

Nobody expects the spanish inquisition…

…to change their name

How about they change it to “Killer Jews”? Everyone wins!

The only name here that sounds even remotely fun is “Mount buggery”… There’s a name I could get behind.