Spectacular, weird horror movie as pharma infomercial




don’t forget to click on the house a few times …


Website auto-forwards to http://www.adultswim.com.au/promotions/claridryl preventing all but the chosen from seeing the madness in it’s full glory without circumventing it.

Which means I get a second chance to post this today. :smiley:

Take your geo-blocking and…


So, that’s what is going on?

Well. Yeah. What you said.


Huh… it’s like David Lynch directed an allergy medication ad.


That was great. Speaking of Black Mirror…last night’s new one was fucking brilliant.


Sweet. You can draw mustaches on the family photos.


It’s got quite a Donnie Darko feel to it, except a little more out of control and abrupt, since it’s not feature length of course.


Also, wangs.

Hur hur.


The page source indicates a game on the site, but I haven’t been able to figure out how to play it. Anyone manage to do that?


It wasn’t as “meta” as “Too Many Cooks” and so I didn’t enjoy it as much. I was hoping that they would do something with the bear intro – maybe the bear starts stalking the woman, or maybe the bear is the woman – either a bear hallucinating that it is the woman or vice versa. What was great about “Too Many Cooks” is that nothing was superfluous.


*see our ad in Tables and Chairs magazine.


That would be the house wouldn’t it?


Yep, yep, yep. A nice sort of twilight zone movie feel to it and jon hamm sold that ambiguous trustworthiness superbly but then he’s been doing that for years i suppose. The blocked daughter was absolutely tragically sad as well.



Aye, there be dicks everywhere…


The AS people have a tendency to love non sequitur. They’re dadaists at heart, delighting in the inherent absurdity of their medium. If anything, I would say that “Too Many Cooks” showed a surprising amount of coherence for them (in space? in a cartoon? SMARF?! ALL RIGHT THEN). This kind of meaningless oddness is more what I expect, which makes me like it more.

Still, I’m probably a Williams Street Hipster (you see Hulk Hogan write a haiku and you are on board!), so maybe this is just me bemoaning everyone knowing them from their shittiest songs. :wink:


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