Spelling, Florida style


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#NeedsMoreLikes (formerly known as "All the Likes")

Damn that’s even worse than the standard ‘spelling fail’ meme:




But when you’re driving over it at 70 mph, you don’t have time to spell check…so…


Remember kids, you can’t spell “school” without “cool!”

(Consults dictionary)

Oh nuts.


‘Scohol’. Hmm. Not familiar with this particular alcohol. Perhaps @ActionAbe can help us out here.


At least it’s still phonetically correct, unlike Jason’s example.


Not to mention, they misspelled it TWICE.


Should have stayed in Scohol.


Is that an Eastern European city?


Little known fact: “scohol” is Polish for “drive as fast as you want!”


I thought that was “solw”.


I love typos.


Well, I wouldn’t know anything about that. Fermenting a bus full of kids is a special skill. Sounds more like @japhroaig’s territory.


Finding a blender big enough for the puree job is usually the most time consuming part. After that you really just sit back and wait.


The last school I worked at was going through part modernization/part rebuild and one of the construction dudes spray painted “Watch you’re step.” I like to think the guy was over-thinking because of the location of the job.:wink:


I tried every bottle in my bar, TWICE, and NO it don’t exist!


Doesn’t @Medievalist have a mate with a big enough can opener to get you started?


If it helps I think it’s made from chillis.


I would have no problem whatsoever if someone somewhere could misspell it as “S’COOL” or even “S’KOOL”.