Sphinx head discovered in California desert


So you would rather be wrong and give out false information than take a moment to be corrected and learn something interesting? Fascinating.


I’m very bad. Sometimes I even say things like, “If you’re going to be in LA for two weeks try to swing by Disneyland.”


Well at least you are consistent in your dickishness.


It doesn’t always work for me.

One time around 11 am on a day between Christmas and New Years I had never been there but I convinced a bunch of people to jump in the car and pop over to Yosemite for the day. We got there two hours before sunset, and I bluffed my way through the “did we have snow tires?” question and in we went. We spent the next two hours driving slowly in the snow into the park interior. I think we caught the last fleeting glimmer of light on El Capitan. Then we turned around and drove back in the night.

So I would NOT say San Francisco and Yosemite National Park are the same place.

I do have my limits.


OTOH when I used to live in Manhattan in the late 80s I used to give walking directions like, “cut across on the south side of the street.”

“The south side? Why not the north?”

“Ooh, I wouldn’t go there. It’s a dangerous area.”



It’s a brilliant movie, by the way.

You can see the statues here.


Slo guy!

Yeah, I was working in AG today.

These days, with our average rainfall, I guess the beach could be considered a desert.
But I did laugh at the headline.

Oceano is the only place you can drive on the beach.


I guess that was one of the easiest predictions on record. Trump actually did it.
I am now convinced that the “Russian” connection is actually 100% Chabadnik.


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