Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse has already surpassed the first film's gross in only 12 days

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The first film was so good, and over the past five years appreciation of the film has only increased. Opening weekends for Across the Spider-Verse were guaranteed to generate money. And it’s going to continue making money because it, too, is so good.


i was expecting a new story with more of the same great look from the first one. surprise to me, the new one is even more visually stunning than the original.


Saw it Saturday with my son. It was fantastic and the pacing was perfect. I had no idea the movie was over when it was.


Probably blowing it away because people now know what it is an want to see it.

The first one people weren’t sure of. The heavily comic book story and the unfamiliar art made people unsure what to expect. After you’ve watched it, you know how very good it is. I don’t know anyone who’s seen it and didn’t at least like it. And the fans want more.

Also, one other minor boost point - while Marvel, you don’t have to know much beyond “Spider-Man exists” to enjoy the movie. Compare that to any current MCU movie. The newest Doctor Strange makes almost no sense if you don’t know a TV show and a half-dozen movies.

I haven’t seen it yet, but very much looking forward to it.

I saw it opening weekend, and it blew me away. I thought the first one was close to perfect, so I was not expecting an improvement. I was pleasantly surprised. The second is even better visually, and the story is better, too. This is not just about throwing a bunch of different versions of Spider-Man on the screen to guarantee success. These are legitimately great movies.


Both movies are excellent and worthy of praise. But since the first one came out 5 years ago I wonder how much of the higher box office numbers for the sequel are just a function of inflation.

It’s also something that’s worth seeing on a big screen, which helps cinema over waiting for streaming.

The first made the best use of 3D I have ever seen, and I was really bummed that this one is only being released in 2D. (But what 2D it is!) I believe I read that they only had the movie “in the can” the week before release, so maaaybe it’ll be rereleased at some point and be in 3D then? Please? I promise to go see it again at least once.

Maybe true, but I suspect the bigger driver is that the film features engaging characters, dialog, and action. It’s more emotionally engaging than the typical CGI superhero slog. I think that draws big mainstream audiences. The peculiar spider-variants is icing on that cake.

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