Spiegel claims ties between Germany's neofascist movement and secretive billionaire


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Note to Herr von Finck:

One way or another, wealthy conservatives who make common with white supremacist right-wing populist thugs eventually end up disgraced and behind bars – and that’s the best-case outcome.


" “a street in New York with lots of investment bankers, lawyers and so forth…they are all Jews…They control everything. Merkel and also Ralf Stegner from the SPD.”"

You know - the rest of the world remembers when you didn’t have to go all the way to NY to find Jews to complain about.



Jesus Christ. Those are straight up supervillain names. Like Captain America punched them, Hellboy battled their robot gorillas level super villian names.


Those are normal german names…

That said, the AfD is really getting in deep waters with this, thank god. Especially that swiss donor may really fuck their shit up, taking donations from foreign donors is stricktly VERBOTEN by german party law. Saw a talkshow the other day where, I think, that terrible woman Beatrix von Storch of the AfD (or was it Alice Weidel? One of those two awfull, awfull, hatefilled, bitter women.) was really squirming when asked about this before she started with stupid whataboutisms.


Oh come on, that’s the kind of alias that Boris Badenov would come up with while posing as some kind of wealthy benefactor.


Some times the combination of fairly common names creates hard to unpack but inescapable connotations.

Like I know some one who just named their kid Remy Rose. Now Remy is a normal name, if not particularly common in the US. Rose is both normal and fairly common here. But the combination, Remy Rose. That there is a Stripper name. And it doesn’t help that they insist on using both first and middle name whenever referring to her.

Those entirely normal German name components, combined that way. Supervillain names.


Yeah, like Trumpf.



“Knut” has that Norse flavour that neo-Nazis love.


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