Spinal Tap audio is a perfect match for Donald Trump’s presidency


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rome is burning


He put up the panorama still with the wrong date on it???


I can’t believe he’s still trying to defend how big the crowd was.

But, I suppose viewing angles cause guys to overestimate the size of a lot of things…


I haven’t watched This is Spinal Tap with the authoritarian filter on but it looks amazing. I wonder if there is any blackface in this version…


Is the date wrong - or is it actually a photo of the protest crowd? Because that would be the most epic act of trolling if someone convinced him a photo of the protest was his inauguration crowd to the point here he hung a picture of it.


It looked to me like the inauguration stage. Was the stage for the protests in the same place with the same configuration?


See it ASAP. It’s one of the funniest movies ever.

The trouble with the parody though is it’s unrealistic; Nigel is way smarter than Trump is.


Yeah, I guess it would have to be a previous inauguration for that to work. (Which would also be funny.)


Not so much a Sea of “Love.” Most came to watch Trump Make America Hate Again.


Starting to think this guy was dropped on his head as a child…


Yup. Isn’t it beautiful? I’d laugh if i wasn’t currently curled up in the foetal position and crying.

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