Trump personally involved in quest to find National Parks staffer who retweeted image of his sparse inauguration crowd


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Well he’s got nothing else to do.


What? Of course he does. He can go play golf.


“A sensitive issue”. Umm, okay. Maybe they should try lotion instead.


tRump has the “butt hurt” of all “butt hurts”. So sad… Bigly…


It was misinformation to tweet a pic of the inaugural event over an hour before it started. I hope whoever did that was sacked.


Ha Ha Ha! Funniest untrue thing I’ve read today! Keep up the good work.


Don’t you guys have enough to do to keep the public from recognizing the long term impact of all the current idiocies? You’re not spending your handlers’ funding well by reiterating stuff from over 3 months ago. That’s old (sad) news. Get with the program!


Just wait until an actual whistleblower pops up.



Who else would care?

(except to award the medal of freedom)


We keep ping-ponging between tragedy and farce. I’m not even sure I know the difference anymore.


Someone show Trump this:


While they’re at it they should sack Trump for constantly misinforming the public.


Oh he has time to worry about this? The wall isn’t even started yet. Sad.


Maybe he can get OJ to help…



I think I debunked your claim fairly well in this thread. I would love to hear your thoughts.


It’s smart to change the story to “one hour before!” Good job! The “5 hours before” line had a big glaring problem: it would have been before sunrise.


From the official mouthpiece of the trump administration: