Trump personally involved in quest to find National Parks staffer who retweeted image of his sparse inauguration crowd

This certainly falls into the kind of concerted yet petty action Putin and Erdogan would take, so.


Obama/Metallica: “Righteous!!”

Trump: “Get off the frickin’ stage!!”


Since every person attending either Inauguration event went through heavy prison style security. Someone, somewhere knows exactly how many people attended either event.

Presumably the Secret Service since they would have been in charge overall of security. But whether anyone will ever release those numbers and end this farce is about as likely as the Pope donning a tutu and joining a road company production of “Hairspray”…


It would be great if it was possible to shame Mr Trump.


Waitiaminute! There are people paying for this stuff!

DAMNIT! Here I was doing it for free like an amateur.

Excuse me, do you know where to direct me to the nearest Soros/Alinsky/Liberal Media office so that I can sign up to be a paid member of the anti-Trump posting crew? You seem to know so much about them. I figured you would know where to look.

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The ENTIRE POINT of Trump’s existence is that he cannot be shamed!


The crazy security is only for the closer-up, ticketed areas. The rest of the Mall is open to the public.

To show that the administration lied about the number of people attending?

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