Watch this Bad Lip Reading of Trump's inauguration day


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Some of this may not be too far from what was really said. :wink:


Needs a trigger warning. Watching the footage is making me squirm, even with the lulz.


Pro-tip: Trump isn’t funny.


That cannot be repeated too much.


This is the alternate facts I can get behind.


Ahhhhhh, BLR makes me cry in laughter again! :joy_cat:

Well, Mike, that’s not surprising.


I managed not to watch it when it happened, but these guys got me to watch it anyway. Damn you, Bad Lip Readers. Damn you all to hell.


Damn you BLR, you made me almost feel sorry for Mike Pence. Almost.



I don’t think that was a bad lip reading…


Yeah, they were pretty spot-on with a lot of it.


I prefer honest lip reading over bad lip reading.

I was watching key and Peele’s final Obama’s Anger Translator bit shown on The Daily Show a few days ago. I hope someone does a similar bit for trump. Shall we call it instead: Trump’s Honest Translator.


In fairness to BLR, I watched this version first (last and only) and they turned that turd into magic. :laughing:


Watching Melania’s body language as she leans away while she “dances” in the smothering embrace of Trump makes me want to call a domestic violence center and ask them to help her.



I’d pay money … not a lot, and donated to charity … to watch each of the people in this video as they watched this video, just to see their reactions. Bet it would be telling.


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