Melania Trump has a creepy message just for you

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1:07 bing bing! lol
What’s Bad Lip Reading doing these days? The first ‘republican’ debate had me in stitches (I miss ya Sleepy Ben!)

Very nice. But it needs more airhorn.


St Sanders was such a pioneer.

You know what? If she decides to sell out and marry one of the most documented creeps in the country (who has been that way for a very long time) and to support him in his sociopathic campaign, she deserves him more than anyone. Hope she enjoys the money.


My granny said: “When money don’t come through the front door, love goes out the window.”


Did you see the one they did for Palin in Wisconsin? It was the most surreal yet.

Getting off the airplane … Seeing all the green and gold and the green and gold until I’m dead and cold paraphernalia everywhere. … This awesome awakening, the shifting and sifting and the exposing of this rabid bite for them to hang on to any kind of relevancy and to hang on to their gravy train.

By the time she got to “Inducing and seducing them with gift baskets … ‘Come on over the border and here’s a gift basket of teddy bears and soccer balls’ ” I was laughing so hard milk was shooting out my nose.

Wait, that was the original unaltered video?

Well there you have it. Bad Lip Reading no longer has a reason to exist.


That ending… it felt like I was waking up from a dream… hello? hello?

By marrying Donald Trump, Melania Trump has embodied the plight of immigrants who take on the difficult jobs that Americans just aren’t willing to do.


Soooo, she read a list of sentences, most of them five words or shorter, needing to pause and look down at her printout at every sentence.

Yep, this has ‘heartfelt’ written all over it.


There is that, yes. Of course, she might be fully aware that their marriage is a limited run. He’ll undoubtedly divorce her soon and move on to his next trophy. (So far his average is 9.5 years, so he’s about due for his next wife.)


She’ll probably do very well out of it too - I don’t feel sorry for her like I do for people who don’t realise what they’re getting into.

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Sarah Palin, Beat poet.


This reminds me of confessions you might see on North Korean tv.


Wow that even beats Ronald Reanan’s “dog heaven” speech

yep, she is pretty much the embodiment of the American Nightmare–hard to accept, she believes a single word of what she says, or for that matter that she believes anything beyond–I have managed to crawl out of the moloch that is / was the back waters of Eastern Europe.

Everything about her screams: I was on the loosing side and have cajoled my conquer into (temporary) adoration and submission. The fact that her Dad was a card carrying Communist in the good old days makes matters worse.

I am writing here as a fellow Eastern European Woman of the same vintage. In those days success was considered marrying an American / Western European, if he was rich, that is like 5 in Lotto. In those terms she hit the Jackpot.

In pretty much all other terms, it is revolting–and she is rather a good manifestation of what it takes to be a full bloodied Trump supporter and they sure don’t make the world a better place.

It is not far off from being one of Henry VIIIs wives or Louis XIVs mistresses–except that, thanks to blood shed by many who did believe better things and were willing to fight for it–women today have far more options–so no, she doesn’t seem to be a nice person, she seems to be a desperate person–and her endorsement of THAT man taints her with nastiness.


Yep - I don’t hate her or anything, it’s just that you don’t marry Donald Trump looking for a good husband. She did very well for herself and is in a well paid position supporting a rich man who is already damaging international relations before he even has any power. It comes pretty low on the scale of abuse, but if he divorces her and she takes his shirt I won’t feel sorry for either of them. Maybe I’m just cynical, but this is the game they’re playing and they both seem to embody self-interested players.

yes, nothing to hate about her. but the ideology she and her mate stand for is spiteful.

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Somehow she reminded me of this Steinbeck quote:

“Socialism never took root in America because the poor see themselves not as an exploited proletariat but as temporarily embarrassed millionaires.”

Except that Melania Trump looks like a permanently embarrassed poor girl who looks rich.

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