SPLC finally adds male supremacists to hate groups list

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Busy week. Else I think there would be grumping on Fox News, Breitbart about this.


On a more positive, but semi-related note, Dave Futrelle from We Hunted the Mammoth (an anit-MRA site, among other things), seems to be recovered from his illness and is posting again more regularly.


So you think “Roosh V.” would be OK with a group of men gang-raping him on private property? “Hey, stop your screaming buddy, it’s legal now.”


I donate regularly to SPLC and use their Intelligence Report to track extremists in my area. Morris Dees is the man.

But I’m glad they took their time to make this (correct) decision. In the past they’ve made mistakes (classing Odinists as hate criminals, for example) that they had to painfully back out of later, so it’s good that they’ve learned to be more painstaking.


If we men are so superior how come our female halves tend to live 10-12 years more than us?
I’m glad the SPLC has added these knuckle dragging morons to the list of things we can do without


Better late than never. Pretty obvious choice IMO.

I don’t agree with her opinions about Islam which seem to come from being a survivor of fundamentalism, but until SLPC removes or at least heavily edits their listing on Ayaan Hirsi Ali, which includes casting doubt on a survivor of FGM, I can’t in good conscience give them money. Which is really unfortunate, because they’ve organized some really excellent and necessary pro bono legal work.



Just perused some of their stuff, and man, these are some of the worst deplorables in the basket.


It seems almost quaint now that “Male Chauvinist Pig” was a buzzy term of derogation, way back in the early 70s.

The terminology went away, but the people it was referring to just retrenched and grew their hatred strong and pure.


I just threw up.


And we all know no one has ever successfully stolen a purse or smartphone.

I mean I can’t even.


Same here.

A casual reader would be forgiven for supposing the paragraphs the SPLC quoted were particularly egregious nuggets of poison, but no. They’re perfectly representative. There are just pages and pages of this sort of self-righteous bilge. Long, snark-heavy, content-light stories that function mainly to justify feelings of resentment. Fantasies of violence and domination. One could almost choose paragraphs at random and get a similar collection.


Perhaps you’re not familiar with the SPLC? Their function does not include thinking for you.

Well, they are extremists; I’ll admit that. But they are extremists in the exact same sense that I am!


Well, modern writing becomes more clear when one constantly keeps in mind that the word virtually means “not really”.

Virtual machines are not really machines; political initiatives that harm virtually nobody really harm somebody, proposals to virtually eliminate rape are intended to not really eliminate rape.

That particular horror (Daryush “Roosh” Valizadeh) hangs out in my stomping grounds, so I’m very very happy to see his picture published, and I’ll try to keep a weather eye out for him.


Yep, pretty much.

I’ve always been one to read up on much-maligned groups, just to get a more rounded view of what’s going on (and because as often as not there’s a heavy P.R. machine at work on one end distorting the picture), and I can pretty officially say that it’s about 99.9% total venomous bullshit, and about 0.1% at least semi-valid complaints that do NOT come close to justifying their level of anger and resentment towards half of the human freaking race.

If anyone’s curious, that 0.1% comes down to things like (non-rich) men having the lower hand (sometimes) in divorce proceedings and custody arrangements, the “Duluth Model” where the male is assumed to be the aggressor in any domestic violence call, and that the < 0.1% of rich white guys that actually run everything are making all white guys occasionally take a tiny bit of indirect shit from people angry at the micro-minority.

…And that’s about it. When broken down, that’s just not enough material to get riled up about, but there you go. That’s about the only reasonable/rational-ish stuff that they can lure people in with, and then try to pump them into outrage-mode with heavy “cherrypicking / nutpicking” (thanks Medievalist for the nutpicking one) to make the “other side” look much worse than it is.


All things, I would add, that many of the feminists and progressives despised by MRAs and their ilk work actively to combat in the name of a more equal society.


Wow! Gonna need a whole lot of popcorn for this thread.

Also, bravo SLPC for putting all the He-man Womanhater Clubs under the same, succinct umbrella.


Well according to Roosh, that simply wouldn’t happen, because he’d keep his sexuality protected, like a purse or a phone. /s


“They say married men live longer but the truth is that it just FEELS longer, amirite?”

(Holds up hand for unrequited high five)